Marketing in a Tough Economy

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Howdy there marketers. I’m Cirian from clear imaging this is marketing bites. In this video series we give you marketing info you can use without the fluff.

Today we’re talking about “Marketing In a Tough Economy”

1. Keep promoting while your competitors are slacking

While others are contracting you need to expand. This is an incredible opportunity for you to expand your business. While other businesses are ‘on pause’ you are still on and you have the opportunity to service your competitors customers; and win them over.

Google and FB ads are VERY cheap right now because less people are running them, with some areas being 50% less

Get specific with your ads, and do geo-targeting only within your precise service area.  So, if you’re a contractor and you only service an area within a few zipcodes, have your ads only show in that area

You can also do Direct mail and send email blasts


2. Use creative Website Special Offers, Coupons, Discounts and CTA’s

You need to adjust with the current situation. If you are a restaurant, you need to be moving into delivery. If you are a personal trainer or hair stylist, you need to be moving into house-visits. If you’re a landscaper or contractor you need to focus on services that are relevant right now; such as solar installations, sustainable living, gardens, water purification.

Whatever service you are offering, you need to display it prominently on your website so. Also considering throwing in some sort of freebie/discount


3. Promote your Special Offers on Facebook

Yes you can post on Facebook and get some exposure but it will not be enough

You need to promote your service & special offer with FB ads


4. Promote your Special Offers via Mail Chimp to past clients

This is a goldmine of potential business.

If you don’t have a spreadsheet of all your past customers then you need to dig deep, go through your book-keeping, files, etc and make that list

You can then reach out to them and offer your service. It is always far easier sell services to past customers, than to new ones


5. Use the Downtime to update your website (photos, videos, blog articles)

Now is the time to create tons of quality content for your website

Google does not put sites at the top of the search results that have bare-bones content.

You need to out-do your competition. That means dozens of articles, and or video. Think of doing short video clips, of around 2 minutes where you address frequently asked questions, or difficulties. Just do one video for each, and upload them to Youtube. Google will notice.


Ok! I hope you found this information helpful.

If you need help with your website my company Clear Imaging has been helping small business owners manage their websites since 2004. We’re super dependable, always answer emails and we get the job done; that is why we’ve been around so long. Come on over to the contact page and let us know if there is anything we can do for you. Until then, God bless and stay safe.


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