How to Rock Your Facebook Marketing

1. FB video ads

Facebook video ads are the new TV commercials. They are considerably more effective than text ads, cost pennies per view, and not many service provider companies are using them yet, so there is little competition.

You need to start doing video ads now, but don’t worry, it is not an overwhelming task to get started.

All you need is:

  1. A mobile phone
  2. A mini mic to plug into your mobile phone
  3. A well-lit space

As far as the content, a good format for a simple sales video is:

  1. introduce yourself
  2. say who your audience is
  3. say what your company does
  4. make an offer
  5. call to action

2. FB Live: documenting & sharing your work

Live streaming on Facebook is not just for teenagers and internet personalities.

FB Live is an amazing opportunity for small businesses to get attention with video content, and for free.

  1. You can go live on your
    1. Personal FB page
    1. Your business page
    1. Any groups you belong to
  2. People who follow you get a notification when you go live, giving you more reach

If you’re a small business in a service-based industry you can just ‘go live’ when you’re on working on the job site:

  1. Steps you’re taking to prep for the job
  2. Doing the job, play by play, showing people behind the scenes how you work
  3. Wrapping up the job, feedback from the customer.

3. Request reviews

Reviews are an essential part of your digital marketing campaign. The more you have the more you are trusted and the more you are trusted, the more people will want to do business with you.

Getting reviews on Google My Business is important, but don’t forget Facebook! You should have reviews on at least three platforms.

Reach out to your past customers by email or text message, and ask them how they liked the work you did for them. If their response is positive, respond back with a thank you and ask them if they can please review your business Facebook page (and give them the link).

4. Running Special Offers on Facebook

Everyone loves a special offer. You never know how many potential customers there are who are on the fence and all they need is that little nudge, just a little discount to make them take the leap and become a paid customer.

Facebook is great for running promotions. You can make a post, with a nice graphic featuring your special offer, and then put a few dollars behind the post by ‘boosting’ it so it reaches more people.

5. Paid ads on Facebook

Facebook knows nearly EVERYTHING about your customer base. And all that information is available to you on Facebook’s Ad platform. This means you can get right down and laser-target your future customers. This is a great opportunity for your business.

If you have tried doing ads on Facebook in the past, failed and gave up it is most likely because you are yourself not an expert in Advertising. Ads have to be expertly crafted in order to work. It isn’t something you just throw money at and hope works out.  

Your options are

  1. If you want to DIY, then take several courses in advertising so you can become an expert
  2. Or hire an ads professional and have them handle everything.

Closing Thoughts

While Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin and TikTok have taken a lot of Facebook’s market share, it is still very relevant to businesses. Take advantage of Facebook’s features so you can get the phones ringing and emails coming in.


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