5 Reasons Why You Need a Testimonials Page

When your prospects call you up, do you want them to already trust you?

When Google scans your website do you want it to move you up in the search results?

If you answered ‘yes’, then a testimonial page can help with that.

They have been called ‘testimonial pages’ since the early days of the web, these days they are more often referred to as a ‘review’ page, but the function is exactly the same: put positive feedback from your customers so you can build trust.

#1 Helps your position in Google

The more content your website has the more substantial it will be in Google’s eyes. Websites that have thin content do not get to the top. You can’t get to the top in Google by having little content. If you aggressively solicit testimonials from your customers over the course of a year or more you can end up with thousands of words on your testimonials page, which will help you win Google’s favor.

#2 Shows longevity and stability

It is important to put the dates of each testimonial you get. This way, as you collect them year after year it shows the prospect that you have been at it for a while and have been providing quality work for a long time, and are a safe choice.

#3 Pre-sells your customers by building trust

People do business with you if they trust you. There are a number of ways one can build trust. The primary reason for a testimonial is to build trust, and they do that well. But remember, don’t ONLY put 5 star reviews on your testimonial page. It is a well-known fact that it builds DISTRUST if you only have good reviews. Don’t be afraid to put a few 3 star reviews in the mix.

#4 Free content you didn’t have to write

Testimonials and reviews are your user generated content. Put your customers to work for you, and have them write more than just a one-sentence review. Get a few paragraphs out of them. You can help them with their writer’s block by giving them a format to follow:

  • what work was done?
  • were there any apprehensions about hiring us?
  • if there were did we put these to rest, and how?
  • how long did the work take?
  • did the work meet your expectations?
  • would you hire us again? why?
  • would you refer us to your friends and family?

Just take their answers to all of those questions and assemble it into one big paragraph, and make that the review.

#5 Increases keyword density Keyword density is one of many factors

Google looks at when weighing your website. A testimonial NATURALLY will have lots of your keywords, as the customer is going to be mentioning them in the writing. This is a good thing. You can take it a step further, and yourself write the city the customer lives in. This sends a signal to Google that your website has something to do with that city, and it will help your rank in Google Maps for local searches, such as: landscaper near me.