SEO Wisdom

You need to know before you go!

If you want your website to get to the top of Google and STAY there, you must know the Key SEO Wisdoms.

Here are 17 of them to get you started:

  1. Just because Google is rewarding a certain tactic does
    not mean it always will.
  2. SEO can take months to bring you new traffic. Paid ads
    are instant.
  3. Poor content is made just for Google. Great content is
    made just for humans.
  4. Black hat and grey hat techniques can get you quick
    wins but will eventually get caught.
  5. Content is still King.
  6. Content is not ‘filler text’.
  7. If you want to rank well for a certain search term, you
    will need several non-spammy pages relating to that
    search term.
  8. A web page should have at least 500 words of text on
  9. You should aim to have over 50 high-quality pages of
    useful content on your website. AND over 50 videos of
  10. SEO is not a one-time-only thing, it takes continuous
    work, every month.
  11. If you’re not SEO’ing your site, your competitors who
    ARE, will creep above you in the search results.
  12. SEO is a never-ending race of creating valuable
    content. Keep investing in it and you’ll out-last.
  13. The test to determining if content is valuable or not
    is to ask: “will people miss this content if it disappeared
  14. Trying to rank for a single search term like ‘cars’
    is dead. But trying to rank for local search terms like
    “electrician near me” is VERY alive.
  15. Don’t bother trying to get links. Instead focus on:
    creating written & video content, and online reviews.
  16. You could over-simplify SEO into 4 Key Elements: Text
    & Video Content, Links, Reviews. In our Playbook, we’re
    not bothering with links because they are very time consuming.
  17. Putting in extra keywords on a page for ‘good
    measure’ and to improve ‘keyword density’ is not
    necessary and should be avoided. Just write the article
    naturally. The keywords will come up naturally as you
    start writing on the topic. For example, if you’re writing
    a page on ‘the top 5 things to do to lower your water
    bill’, don’t try to stuff every possible plumbing-related
    keyword and city you service. Keep it natural!