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Thinking about using WIX for your website?

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You’ve seen the commercials on Youtube: I built my website using Wix, in just a few minutes, let me show you how.

Unfortunately, the only way one can build a decent-looking website with Wix in a few minutes is if they are a professional web designer.

Business owners who create a free account with Wix and proceed to attempt making their own website are ALWAYS disappointing with the outcome. The websites look ugly and unprofessional, even after spending a whole weekend working on it.


Because only a professional web designer can create a professional-looking website.

You wouldn’t try to DIY your own cavity would you?

For whatever reason the DIY culture has bled into websites and it is a bad idea. It results with business owners having awful websites which end up costing them money because prospects are repelled!

94% of your business’ first impressions relate to your site’s web design.

Make your design get you MORE sales, and not less sales!

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