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The fastest way to build trust

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Vital Statistics – the fastest way to build trust.

VERY few websites know about this one, and even fewer execute it.

It is a glowing nugget of gold and I’m serving it up to you, here and now, so enjoy!

It is so obvious that many are guilty of completely missing it.

The question is: how do you convince someone why they should hire you or buy from you?

The answer is simple: tell them your numbers:

  1. Years your business has been in operation
  2. Years you have been in the field
  3. Cumulative years of experience of all your staff
  4. Number of staff
  5. Number of jobs completed (for services)
  6. Number of products sold (for products)
  7. Number of dollars you have saved your customers (only works for specific industries)
  8. Number of hours you have saved your customers (only works for specific industries)
  9. Number of clients
  10. Number of locations/offices

These work because they prove you are a real business, getting real results, over a period of time. 

Some of these are very simple and require no effort, such as: number of years in business. And on the other hand for products sold, some you may not have ever thought of keeping such records.

To have the data you need to start keeping logs. Get on Google sheets and start logging EVERY time you do a roofing project, sell a pizza pie, do a tax return, walk a dog, whatever it is you do.

Round numbers look fake, and odd numbers look more real. For instance: 100 tax returns filed,  vs: 67 tax returns filed. The 67 is better.

These numbers are POWERFUL. But it requires you to be steady and continuously have your staff document every time work is done or products are sold.

But it is WELL worth it.

It then allows you to say things on your website, promotion etc: in 2021 we made 11,678 pizza pies, and served 23,891 customers.

Or: in 2021 we helped 89 unhealthy people get healthy buy burning off 9,873 pounds of fat.

You get the idea.

Hard numbers make you more real to the prospect, and the more real you are the more you will be trusted. It is hard to gain trust from a prospect if they don’t know what you have done!

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