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The Proof is in the Pudding

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What better way can you show that you are not only real and trustworthy, but also can GET results? Literally show proof that you HAVE gotten real results for other real people, who had the same problem you have!

When someone buys a product or a service, they are buying their ‘after state’. When they come to you, they are in their ‘before state’. They have a need or a problem, and they want your product or service to bring them into a more desirable state:

  • before: feeling upset with leaking hole in roof
  • after: feeling secure with peace of mind
  • before: hungry but don’t want to get fat
  • after: ate delicious food and did not consume too many calories

Now the trick is… how can you capture this ‘after state’ and put it on your website?

THAT is the question.

Not everyone can do this. It takes some creativity.

If you’re selling a book that tells you how to 10x your sales and revenues. Then you can show screen shots of your client’s sales statistics. Or screen shots of orders if it is an e-commerce store.

If you’re a contractor, it is pretty simple! You show photo or video of the house before (with the damage or issue), and then, after: all nice, fixed and beautiful!

If you’re a personal trainer, piece of CAKE! (not cake though, because that’s off-limits). A photo of the client, out of shape, and sad, and then a photo of the client, fit and happy!

Ok, these are easy, but what if you’re a bookkeeper? Can you even leverage this point? Well, how about this: Before: a photo of a receipts and random pages, and confusion, with a text label superimposed on the photo: I don’t know what I owe! To an after photo, of very nicely arranged folders and pages, with a text label ‘I know exactly what I owe and how much I’m owed!”

Whatever it is, find a customer and find a way to capture a photo or video or some evidence of the before state, and then the after state, and THEN put it on your website.

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