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One Sophisticated Tactic Your Website Doesn’t Have

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You better be sitting down for this one.

I’ll wait a moment while you take a seat.

Ok, this is basically a tool that sales people use when closing a sale. A person has a reason not to buy. That is called an ‘objection’. The prospect says it, and then the sales person does some ninja moves and turns the reason not to buy into to a reason to buy. Yes, you read that correctly.

Obviously, web designers have no reason to know about this sales technique, and most of them do not know it. Therefore, few websites have this.

What you need to do is talk to your sales people and find out from them: when you’re on the phone selling this product/service, what are reasons people give you why they don’t want to buy?

The most common two are: 1) no time or 2) no money.

That is fine, but we want to go deeper, these are just surface reasons.

If you’re a supplement company, selling organic vitamins some objections buyers might have are:

  • I’ve never heard of you
  • How do I know your vitamins are made with good stuff?
  • I’d rather order on Amazon

If you’re bookkeeper, it might be:

  • I don’t trust you
  • I’d rather use H&R block
  • Your firm is too small

If you’re a plumber it might be:

  • Contractors are smelly
  • Contractors are always late
  • Contractors are rude
  • I’d rather do it myself

There are patterns, but each one will have some unique objections.

Harass your sales people until you get three GOOD objections (not time and money), and then add them to your website, and also get the handling the sales people use as well!

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