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A website without this data, has no foundation

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Your website will be its MOST effective when you can say to the visitor what he is already thinking.

Marketers call this: “joining the conversation going on in the prospect’s mind”. That is just a little too wordy and pretentious for me.

Let’s call it: “reading the prospects mind”.

I’ll give you an example. Let’s say I’m over-weight and I’m working out and I’m trying to create a diet that I like which I can stick to, and I’m upset because I’m having to eat food that I hate and can’t have food that I love.

If I saw an ad that said: “Do you want a diet that won’t make you gain weight, but is still delicious? Our cookbook has all your favorite (like cauliflower crust pizza) recipes but with fewer calories by using clever health substitutions you won’t even notice!“, I would be instantly interested! Why?

Because they literally spoke EXACTLY to me and my needs, fears and problems!

What does this have to do with you?

The purpose of your home page is to build desire and trust.

You can do that by communicating the prospect’s reality to them.

Read their mind, and tell them what is on their mind.

It is utterly essential if you want your home page to get you leads and sales.

You need just a few pieces of information. Here is an over-simplification of what you need:

  1. What is the SPECIFIC unmet need or problem, worded correctly
  2. What does he fear will occur if he doesn’t get it solved?
  3. If that unmet need is satisfied, what will he feel, have, and be able to do?
  4. What are the top three roadblocks in his mind that are stopping him from buying your product or service 
  5. The name or description of himself as an audience (I’m a home-buyer, I’m a part-time entrepreneur)

Where to get the information

You need to get that information from your target audience and your past customers. You can call or email your past customers and ask them to do the survey above. If you’re having a hard time getting them done, you can try giving them incentives like coupons.

It will take some time and continued determination to get the information. Don’t stop until you have surveyed at least one hundred. And there are more than just the five points above.

Time spent doing this will pay off BIG time in the long run.

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