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Crafting the Value Proposition

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Last week, we discussed the importance of doing your market research before you even build your website.

This week, let’s talk a little bit about what you can can do with that data. We’re going to keep it simple, let’s go over how you can use that data for just ONE section on your website (and the most important section). This is the ‘hero-shot’ section, the top area of your website, it is the area that people see first when they land on the page.

We need to put your value proposition here. The data from the value proposition MUST come from your market research, you cannot guess it.

When people land on your home page you only have a few seconds to let them know they’re in the right place, so putting your Value Prop at the top is key!

Let’s show you how to make one. There are a few formulas:

We help [audience] get rid of [problem] with [solution] so they [desired result]

Example: we help bodybuilders defeat cravings with our meal plans so they never feel hungry

We help [problem] with [solution] so you get [desired result]

Example: de-stress with the power of painting & take home your own masterpiece!

The Value Proposition tells the visitor at once if he is on the right website. It is a point of orientation. People land on your website and they have no idea what you do, what they need to do next, and what they will get out of it. People are in a trance when they’re online, so you need to put your Value Proposition front and center, in big bold text, right at the top of your website, above the fold (‘above the fold’ means content on your website that is visible at the top, without having to scroll down).

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