How to increase your sales THIS week

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I was speaking to a small business owner yesterday and I was shocked to discover one thing they weren’t doing.

This one thing is THE thing in digital marketing every small business (and medium or large business for that matter) must be doing on a regular basis, to increase sales.

Often times, this one action gets neglected when you have a small business where the owner is busy running everything and there is no one managing ALL aspects of the business’s marketing.

They may have someone running their website, but a website is only 10% of a full digital marketing plan.

What is this one thing?

Collecting contact information from past customers and emailing/mailing them regularly.

That is it.

Too simple?

If you’re already doing it then, good on you! But you would be surprised at how many small businesses are not doing this, and therefore, letting this GOLD MINE go to waste!

Anyone who knows marketing knows that the money is in the list, and if you’re not keeping/building one and not using it then you are making one of the top cardinal sins in marketing, and actually slowing the growth of your company, because repeat sales are the easiest to make, and tremendously improve your profit margins.

And the good news is: it’s not impossible to do. If you need help or have any questions please reach out to us, we’d be happy to help.

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