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The ‘X’ factor that your business is missing

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If you’re in a service industry, I bet you’re not leveraging this key element.

It is also important for e-commerce and product-based businesses, but it is absolutely vital for the service business.

What is the x-factor?

Let me answer that with a question.

You’re hiring a plumber, electrician, general contractor, baby sitter, house cleaner, or whoever.

They will be coming to your property and entering your home.

Do you want just anyone coming into your house?

Would you want them to treat you and your property with respect, and do a good job?

The answer is obviously, YES! Let’s face it, your home is sacred, and you don’t want just anyone off the street, with no vetting, walking in, and doing just any old work.

Therefore, this presents a challenge for the service business. They must make themselves worthy of being ‘let into your home’.

How can I do that?

Simple. You already know you should portray yourself as professional. And that is right and you must do that, but that is only part of it.

You must be professional but also highly trustworthy and human.

A sterile, corporate website is professional, possibly trustworthy, but certainly not human.

And the human element is the key.

How do I make my company more human, on my website?

Here are three simple, HIGHLY impactful ways to make you look more human:

1. By putting photos of your team on your website, and putting their name and job title.

2. Putting a photo of the owner, CEO, or some other executive, on the home page, introducing themselves as the face of the business.

3. Putting testimonials from customers, with photos of themselves and the work that was done.

Doing these three things alone (adding it to the home page), will be a huge leap forward.

Before people let you into their home, they want to know who you are. You can tell them, using your website, and thus build that much more rapport, and close that many more sales.

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