Want to attract more competent employees?

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Are you having a hard time getting quality skilled & unskilled staff on your team?

The problem may be in your messaging. 

Marketing isn’t just for sales.

Marketing is also for hiring, recruiting new staff.

When mentioning hiring, your website, your ads and promotional pieces must have a very finely-tuned message.

Your message will resonate with people who share the same intention or reality.

For example…

If your message is: “If you join our company, we’ll give you lots of free stuff, benefits, bonuses, paid vacation. We want to make you as happy as possible.”

You will get freeloaders. They will use you, and leave you.

If your message is: “We don’t just do work to ‘get it over with’. We want to blow our customers away with service they receive. It is our mission to be the best [x company] in our service area. We only except workers who take great pride in their work.

You will get hard workers who want to be part of a strong team and produce superior products.

The Purpose/Mission

You want to hire social personalities, not anti-social personalities.

Social personalities are drawn to missions that help people. The purpose to help others is deeply ingrained in man. Therefore, if you want to attract social personalities you need to have a real mission/purpose for your business and boldly communicate it in your website, your ads and promotional pieces. Money alone cannot be reason enough for people to show up year after year, they need a deeper reason, and that is where your mission/purpose comes in.

If you don’t have a mission or purpose, then you need to get that sorted out first before you invest more time in hiring.

Examples of possible missions/purposes:

1. To create Eco-friendly landscapes that reduce energy bills, water consumption, help the environment.

2. To create homes that will last centuries.

3. To provide such quality service that the customer tells all of their friends & family.

4. To be so omnipresent in your area that when someone thinks ‘service/product’ they think of your business.

Getting the word out

If people don’t know you’re hiring, then you won’t get any applications.

You already have a website so take full advantage of that fact by promoting on all your pages that you are hiring, and be sure to use the message of ‘purpose’ as discussed above.

In addition to your website you can take advantage of posting on all forms of social media. You have a message, and you need to put it where people are, and people are on social media.

If you don’t have many followers and not many people are seeing your posts, you can always pay Facebook to ‘boost’ the post and show it to more people in your area.

Conclusion At the end of the day, you want more people like yourself. People who are hard working, take pride in their work, and go above and beyond for customer satisfaction. If you make your messaging reflect that, you will get the attention of those who want to be part of that movement. And if you are not getting enough takers and you do have your messaging finely crafted, just realize you need to promote more, to reach more people with your message.

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