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Is your social media broken?

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That depends what a working or functional social media campaign means to you.

By and large, small business owners do not understand at all what social media is and how it is to be used, and what one can get out of it.

All too often a business owner sees a video on YouTube or some marketing guru spouting his amazing case studies about how he used Facebook to 10x sales and revenue, screen shots of bank accounts and statistics as well! Who can argue with facts? 

This makes the small biz owner think that he can do the same.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

There are so many variables involved, and every business and industry is different, so it is not just a ‘copy and paste’ approach of finding a guru, copying what they did and then waiting for the sales to roll in.

That is most definitely NOT the way to win at social media.

In this series we’re going to go deep on Social and discover:

  • What it ACTUALLY is
  • What results you can get
  • How to use it to get those results

Let’s start with #1:

What is social media, really?

Is it a megaphone, that you use to promote and blast out your sales, special offers, and coupons?

Most definitely NOT. But many use it like that, and they have little success. Why? Because people don’t like to be sold to constantly. People are on social media because it is social. There is nothing social about only posting special offers.

Yes, you can of course have sales and special offers, but that should only be about 10% of the content you post on social. The remaining 90% needs to be what your audience wants.

What do they want?

Entertain & Educate

People are on social to be amused.

And if you don’t give them what they want, they will just ignore you.

That is why business pages fail.

Social media is a party. No one wants to chat with the guy who’s walking up to everyone trying to sell investments. Obviously! But, who gets the most attention at a party? Whoever is telling the most interesting stories!

Social media is no different. It is a party, but it is online.

If you want to get attention and build rapport with your future customers you have to communicate content that either educates or entertains.

But you might think: “Wait, I’m not going to get any sales by amusing people!!!”

Correct. You won’t. Why not? Stay tuned for Part Two, where we reveal all!

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