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Why do I not get sales when I make an ad on Facebook or Instagram?

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How do you get sales with Social Media?

Last week we discovered that Social Media is a party, and people hate being sold to, but love being entertained. So, how can we use that in our businesses?

To help figure this out, let’s see what business owners are doing that is wrong. There are several different scenarios here, so in today’s article we’re going to focus on one:

Why do I not get sales when I make an ad on Facebook or Instagram?

Doing Facebook or Instagram ads (or Pinterest, Tiktok, whatever), that have an objective of making a sale and showing these ads to people who do not know you and have never heard of you is VERY hard to pull off. You may only get a 1-3% of viewers buying.

You need to be a proper ads professional to be able to show ads to a ‘cold audience’ and get sales. It goes without saying that if you have a ‘hot audience’ (they know, like, trust and engage with you), then you will have a MUCH easier time selling to them.

This is where MANY small business owners fail. They make a Facebook ad, go live, spend a few bucks, and get zero results. While there are a lot of factors at play, a key one of them is: is your ad the type of ad you should show to people who don’t know you?

There are different ads shown to different audiences. If you show the wrong type of ad to the wrong audience you will not get any sales.

The solution is to show the right kind of ad to the right kind of audience.  And to do that you need an ads professional. DIY ads are essentially gambling and rarely get results.

What type of ad should I show to a cold audience on Social Media?

The ad should NOT be a sales ad. By that I mean an ad that is asking the viewer to purchase a product or service.

Can you guess what the ad should be about? Hint: We mentioned it in last week’s article.

The type of ad you show to a cold audience should have the objective to: entertain or educate, NOT sell something. In this case the money you’re spending is not to get sales or leads, but to get views & impressions & engagements.

This is the missing step in the ‘social selling cycle’.

Before people buy from you, they need to know you. By under-cutting the ad objective from focusing on making the sale, to focusing on getting a lot of people to know you, you’ll end up building an audience who you can then target LATER with a sales ad. This applies to social media ads, AND social media posts. You can’t expect your posts to result in sales if the people seeing them do not know you well enough or like you or trust you enough yet. The solution is to get in front of your audience, over and over and over, until you’ve won a place in their minds, and at THAT point when you show them ads or social media posts that ask for a sale, many more will click and buy.

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