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How to make a Facebook page for your business

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You’d be amazed (or maybe not!)  to know that many small business owners don’t have Facebook pages setup for their business.

Now, whether or not you agree with the platform, their politics and scandals, you cannot argue with the fact that over a hundred million Americans are on the platform. So, your customers are there.

For those of you who are holding out, and still on the fence, we’re going to show you a video we made, which shows you the very simple steps to make a profile.

It literally only takes 5 minutes or less.

Why bother you might ask? One very simple reason. When your prospects are searching for your business on Google, do you want to OWN all the search results on Google’s first page? Or do you want other people’s websites appearing in the search results? If you create social media profiles, they will help you cover the first page of Google’s search results with your business. This is essential, as you want people going to your sites, not your competitors.

So, let’s make your Facebook business page!

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