Should I do Ads or SEO?

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The question often asked by many a small business owner.

Should I just do Google or Facebook ads, or should I invest in SEO? Which is better?

Alas, because the question is itself wrong, the answer of choosing one or the other is also wrong.

SEO and Ads are but tools used in a marketing strategy, just like flyers and email marketing.

Each has it’s strengths and weaknesses, and depending on what product or service you sell, some marketing tools (like flyers for instance) may not be applicable.

But with something like SEO vs. ads, it’s like saying: what should I put in my car, oil or gas? The answer is you need both!

Any small business can benefit from SEO and ads. To just do one to the neglect of the other is folly. You need both.

Ads bring you visitors, leads, phone calls right away, thus helping to boost sales. And on-page SEO builds a knowledge base on your website, getting larger and larger as the years go by, and eventually putting you at the top in Google, where you then get leads and website visitors. BOTH strategies get visitors to your site. One is immediate, one takes a while, and both should be done to achieve market saturation.

So, go forth, invest in both!

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