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How to create a GREAT content on social media

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When it comes to posting on social media, the business owner, technician or whoever is predisposed to doing the usual and the conservative.

Being ‘usual’ and ‘conservative’ are the two things one must NOT do if they want to get attention on social media.

Indeed, the normal do not make an impression, only the unusual, the strange, the shocking, or the amazing are capable of getting massive amounts of attention and possibly even reaching that often sought but rarely attained dream of ‘going viral’.

But what can a boring small business do?

Truth be told, every business has its own ‘remarkability’, its own special thing that it can do, or it knows, which other people don’t. After all, that is why people hire businesses: to do things or provide things which another can’t or won’t. In that light, every business has its own inner ‘remarkability’ which if deeply pondered upon can be discovered.

Examples of boring companies with possible ‘inner remarkabilities’ which can be translated into great social media content:

  • Accounting firm: Ways to save money which people NEVER knew
  • Plumbing: The science of how the maze and magic of plumbing actually works, and how optimized plumbing benefits the home-owner
  • Garden Center: What to grow to have a successfully sustainable off-the-grid home
  • Life Insurance: Statistics of different audience segments and their lifestyle risks and the consequence, as well as segments with healthy lifestyles and how that translates into advantages

These are but a few examples. No matter how boring your business is, you must find what knowledge it has which is interesting and useful, and then give that to the public.

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