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It’s all about the wording

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Which of the following sounds more enticing?

  1. free estimate
  2. free quote
  3. free roof inspection
  4. free roof-health inspection

1 and 2 are the same, 3 is better but 4 really hits the mark, and creates more interest and desire in most readers.

Why is that?

It is not complicated, in fact, it is quite simple:

1. By being more descriptive you allow yourself to be specific, and not general. Generalities are the marketer’s WORST nightmare. Generalities are never remembered. How could they be? But specifics, these get remembered. ‘estimates’, ‘quotes’, ‘assessments’, ‘analysis’, and even ‘inspections’ are just too general when used alone.

2. By creating urgency in the choice of the words. A health inspection implies that there could be good health and bad health. People want good health and they do not want bad health, therefore this statement opens the door to the possibility that there could be a problem, thereby getting the reader to start thinking in solutions. It also uses ‘fear’ as a motivation to take action.

3. It goes without saying that ‘free’ is also a key word in the above phrase, but the fact that it is ‘free’ is not enough to create desire. Especially when you compare ‘free estimate’ to ‘roof health inspection’ and see which of the two causes more urgency to take action.

It’s all about how you word it.

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