The money is in the list

You might have heard this phrase before.

But is it really true? And how do you get money from a list anyway?

Surely you have tried using lists and not had the success you had hoped.

I’ll cut right to the chase, it is true but if you don’t know how to use it, a list can be as worthless as a piece of paper.

It is one of the most fundamental and powerful principles of marketing, which ‘everyone knows’, but certainly not everyone applies.

Having a list may be a gold mine, but it is what you do, to extract the gold from the list.

And it is just one simple thing. So simple that you will dismiss it as obvious and over-simplistic, but alas the most potent truths are usually the most obvious.

The nuggets of gold are extracted from a list by one simple action: unrelenting, never-ending follow up. And we do mean never-ending, unless the person is dead, they STAY on the list.

A list marketed to, only once (whether by phone, email, text, etc), will only yield so much result.

Who can be expected to buy on the first call? Statistically only 3% are ready to buy at any given time. What about the remaining 97%? You need to communicate to them, over and over until you can change their mind. It can take dozens of conversations, and many months, but people can eventually say ‘yes’ to your proposal. A warning: It is assumed that you are selling the right product to the right audience; otherwise, no matter how good your list is, it will always produce sub-par results since you’re selling something that is irrelevant to that segment.