Why your ads on Facebook never work

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For many a small business owner, creating an ad campaign on Facebook feels like placing a bet and rolling the dice.

Maybe they’ll hit it big and get some sales, or maybe they’ll just lose all their money, again.

Does this sound like you?

What many small business owners don’t realize is that internet ads are a HIGHLY precise form of marketing, which can work but they have to be expertly done. It isn’t just ‘something anyone can do’, even though Facebook makes it seem that anyone can do it, by making it so easily available.

How do you make an ad that works?

There are a few factors:

  1. the right audience
  2. the right product/service
  3. the right wording

These three factors all have to be dialed in, to have success.

Let’s take one, ‘audience’. In Facebook, you choose the age, gender, and geographical region where the ad will be shown. It is vital to realize that these people most likely do not know your company at all, and therefore they don’t have any trust or affinity for your company. Therefore, if you show an ad to people who don’t know you, and ask them to buy from you, you will not get great success. In fact, at any time there are only about 3% of people who are ready to buy right at that moment. Everyone else needs to be warmed up.

In other words, if you create ads, which are pitching your product/service, asking for a sale, and the audience you’re showing them to is ‘cold’ (they don’t know, like or trust you), then you may only get 1-3% of them buying.

So, what is the solution?

It’s simple: you have to ‘warm up’ your audience first by running SEVERAL ad campaigns that don’t pitch the sale, but instead introduce your, your company, your values, your customers and the problems you’re solving in their area.

After ‘softening the battlefield’ with the above brand awareness ad, your audience will be warmer, and more likely to buy if they are shown a ‘pitch ad’.

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