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Ad Retargeting – The one ad campaign everyone should be doing!

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Many have failed at advertising on the internet with Facebook, Google, etc.

It often feels like throwing money out the window. While some have success, many don’t.

But I have good news. There IS one type of ad campaign that can benefit ANY business, no matter what size and no matter what industry, B2C, B2B, it doesn’t matter.

What is this type of ad?

It is called a ‘retargeted ad’.

Basically, when someone visits your website and leaves, and visits Facebook or Google, you can have Facebook and Google show an ad to them, reminding them about your business, your site, your offers. This ad looks like any other Google or Facebook ad, and you can put whatever text, headings, photos or video in it. The only difference here is that this ad is ONLY shown to people who visited your site.

Why is this THE ad?

There are a few reasons, the biggest one being that if someone visits your website, they are now aware of you. They heard of you, they’ve had an impression. It might be the first time they visited your site, or they may be a long-standing customer. Either way, this visitor is considered ‘warm’ because they’ve heard of you.

When you show them an ad, it will remind them of you, and they will keep seeing this ad on Google and Facebook, over, and over, and over again, day after day, as if it was following them around. And the hope is that they eventually become curious enough to click on the ad, and then taken back over to your website and go through your pages again and reach out to you.

Ads that are shown to people who know you already are FAR more effective than ads that are shown to people who have never heard of you, your product, service, etc. That would be considered a ‘cold’ audience, whereas your visitors are a ‘warm’ audience.

How much does it cost?

The ads are about one penny per impression.

What should the ad say?

It is vital that you don’t make the ad an aggressive sales ad, it should be something that generates curiosity, something to bring them back to your site. The ad should NOT try to make the sale. Instead, this ad should sell ‘the click’ back to your website, and let your website do the heavy lifting of making a sale.


No matter what you’re selling, products, services, in any industry, it goes without saying that when someone visits your site, you’d benefit if they came back again later.

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