How come no one ever ‘likes’ my Facebook posts?

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Have you ever posted what you thought was a really good post on your business Facebook, only to find that you just get 2 likes?

Has this happened to you time and time again, causing you to just give up?

Making you feel that maybe this ‘social thing’ isn’t for you?

Well, don’t dismay, I have news for you.

Here’s what could be going on:

None of your followers are even seeing your Facebook posts! You’re in the woods, talking with a megaphone and no one is even there.

How could this be? 

1. One obvious reason: This occurs when you have no followers to begin with. On Facebook, just because you post, doesn’t mean people will see the post and follow you. Generally, only followers see your posts in their news feeds. You could keep posting day in and day out for a year, and never gain one follower (if you’re starting from 0) because no one is seeing your posts. Some people think that if you just start posting you will get followers, unfortunately that is not the case with Facebook.

2. You HAVE followers, but Facebook is not showing them your content because you are not consistent with posting regularly, and you’re not consistent with quality, so it shows your posts to fewer of your followers. You could call this a penalization for not being consistent.

3. Facebook IS showing your posts to your followers but you’re always posting the same boring things, and your audience starts tuning out and stops paying attention to your posts and stops liking the posts, and then Facebook notices this and it starts showing your posts to less and less people.

What should I do?

1. You need to build up your rapport with the platform. You do this by posting regularly and with great quality. In return you are ‘rewarded’ and they show your posts to more and more people. But this is a very gradual process, it can take months, and if you stop, you will lose the momentum.

2. You need to boost your Facebook posts, so they are shown to more people. Facebook only shows 1-5% of your audience your posts. If you want more of your followers to see your posts, then you need to be willing to pay Facebook to do paid promotions. Boosting a post for $10 might get it shown to 1000 of your followers, approximately.  

3. Make your content interesting and human, and not corporate and safe. Safe content does not get lots of likes. If you want attention, you need to be willing to be a little bit unusual, shocking, or amazing.


If you’re feeling unloved on your social media accounts for your business, consider the points above and start getting regular with your post quality and post frequency, and you will see improvement, but it WILL take time and you need to be ready to spend some dollars to help it along.

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