How to use Google My Business Wisely to Your Advantage

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You’ve heard people say that you absolutely MUST get onto Google My Business (GMB).

But once you create that profile, what do you do next?

Of course, you need to fill out your profile and get some reviews, and continue to get reviews, but everyone knows that already.

Is there something else you should be doing?

Yes. Creating posts on Google My Business, EVERY week.

Consider these posts as ‘micro blogs’. It has a maximum of 1500 characters (which will only be a few hundred words). Each GMB post allows you to attach multiple photos.

When you make this post, it will be featured underneath your GMB profile. The photo and a snippet of text will be visible. This is very eye-catching and can help you turn the curious prospect into a more interested prospect, by getting them to click on to it.

These posts will only be featured under your GMB profile for 7 days, at which point they disappear. But don’t worry, people can still find them, but they are no longer featured under your GMB profile. Therefore, it is important to post once a week, so that you always have a post being featured on your GMB profile, which will grab attention from searchers, and hopefully get them to click and visit your website.

This is basically free advertising space, your own digital billboard.

To NOT use it is a total waste.

What should you put?

If you have no idea what to put, don’t worry! Just start taking photos of your product creation process (if you sell products), or start taking photos of your service delivery process (if you provide services).

People love seeing behind the scenes into how a company delivers. This is great content for GMB. Just post a couple photos with a caption. Don’t over-think it! It does not have to be a blog article. It just needs to show that you are real, likeable, and can be trusted.

There are also other formats you can use, such as: limited time special offers, where you indicate what the deal is, and how long it lasts. There are also ‘events’ if you’re holding an event at physical location.

But for getting started, we recommended that you stick to the ‘what’s new/update’ format for your GMB posts. Start posting, and start getting attention!

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