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What is better: Ads, Social Media, or SEO?

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Many a business owner or marketer has asked themself this question.

And this question has the unspoken subtext that you are expected to pick ONE of these, and not use the rest.

This is folly!

It is like asking a worker: what is better, a saw, a wrench or a hammer?

You’d be severely limiting yourself by just picking one.

And that is exactly true with Ads, Social Media and SEO. Each one of the three are part of an overall marketing strategy. Many people forget that the strategy has seniority. Choosing just one of the above three tactics, and neglecting the rest is like building a car without an engine.

Let’s discuss what each one does, so you can see its value:


These give you instant visitors, right now. Whether it is Facebook or Google, you pay them, and they start showing your ad to an audience you specify. The beauty of this is you can get very precise with your audience, and make sure that you’re showing your product to the RIGHT people. Ads are something you should ALWAYS have turned on, in an ongoing basis. If you don’t do ads you will never get all that continued exposure.

Social Media

When your prospects are doing their homework about your product and company, you want to create the best first impression possible. Having quality content posted on your social media accounts gives you more opportunities to win them over, than if you simply just had your website. Why settle for someone just visiting your website when you can get in front of them, on multiple sites? Therefore, to neglect social media in your marketing strategy would be a loss.


When a future customer searches on Google for products or services relating to yours, you obviously want to show up, above you competitors. Who wouldn’t! SEO truly is a no-brainer, even if you don’t sell anything, you still want your company name showing up when people search it, and not other random things. If you can control what shows up in Google under your name, you can control your PR effectively. There really is no business that would not benefit from dominating their own search results.

As you can see these three tactics (Ads, Social, SEO), all offer something different to the table. Neither one replaces the other, they all do something different, like in our example with the hammer, wrench and the saw. Maximize your efforts by doing all three!

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