2023 with 20/20 vision

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The present is becoming more like the future.

The ‘metaverse’ will have people walking around with glasses or goggles, experiencing an augmented reality. No more websites, instead there will be ‘metaverse sites’.

AI technology taking care of everyone’s informational needs, with people no longer even needing to search things on Google.

All that is pretty far off, but each year that passes technology advances, and buzzwords like ‘AI’ or ‘augmented reality’, transition from science fiction into real world applications, bit by bit.

But in terms of marketing and sales, what does this mean for local small businesses? Pizza shops, plumbers and landscapers?

What should they be doing in 2023 to prepare themselves for the brave new world of the future?

There is just one thing, and this one thing applies no matter what age you are in, and no matter what type of technology is available.

This one universal thing is very simple: collect identities of people who fit your audience profiles, and communicate to them wherever they are, and give them value regarding problems that your business can solve.

No matter what happens with technology, if you can do that, you can grow a customer base and profit.

An example: over a hundred years ago, a company created a free magazine, and gave it to farmers, this magazine had useful articles on all things relevant to the farmer, this magazine also had advertisements for its own farm equipment which it was selling in that very magazine. The business’s name was John Deere.

For a present-day example: a landscaper makes a Facebook group for his local community, all about tree care, flowers, landscape design, seasonal maintenance, all uniquely tailored for his local area. His posts are useful and people in his area join, he then promotes some of his services. This is the exact same model. Nothing has changed, except for the medium (websites).

This exact format of creating useful valuable information, providing it to your audience, and then going in for the ask has been used for ages. It works, and it will continue to work because no matter what changes in the future, this model follows a basic of human behavior: give first, and then receive. With that said, when examining your plan for 2023 and seeing what hot new tech fads you could get involved in, remember that it all starts with the basics: collecting identities, and providing value to them.

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