5 Ways to add quality text to your website which is not overwhelming

Let’s do a quick refresher on key points regarding writing content:

  1. Text Content is one of the 4 Key Elements of SEO
  2. Create one 500-word article per week
  3. Keep the topic relevant to your industry
  4. Use Headings in the article
  5. Write it for human beings

What do I do with it?

  1. Post the 500-word article on your website (make a blog section on your site)
  2. Do a summary of the article and post it on GMB, with a link to your website for the full article

What to Write About?

Use these formats and you will never run out of things to write about.

Format 1: Recent projects you have completed

This is a gold mine of potential content. Even if you only completed two contracts/projects per month, you’re going to have content for as long as your company is servicing others.

  • Start with a few paragraphs describing the overall project from start to finish, and all the points along the way. (200 words)
  • Get a long testimonial from the customer (200 words)
  • Get a before and after photo
  • Write a paragraph about your experience working with the customer and how you’d like the opportunity to provide more services to them in the future, and list out some of your services (100 words)

Best for service-based industries: Contractors, Landscapers, Electricians, Plumbers, Repair, Flooring, Roofing, Accountants
Does not work for: Restaurants, Florists, E-commerce, etc.

Format 2: DIY guides

No matter what industry you are in, no matter if you are providing services or selling products, there IS a way for you to write some sort of DIY guide as it pertains to you.


Landscaper: 1) Build your own retaining wall. 2) How to make your own sustainable garden. 3) How to properly fertilize your lawn.

Pizza shop: 1) How to make your own Chicago pizza from home. 2) How to make your own gluten-free cheese-bread. 3) How to make authentic Italian Marinara.

Accountant: 1) How to file your own IRS Form 1040. 2) How to reconcile your checkbook. 3) How to start your own business.

Personal trainer: 1) How to lose body fat and gain muscle at the same time. 2) How to increase your metabolism. 3) How to make a diet that is sustainable.

E-commerce: simply take that product and do How To guides on putting the product in action for its intended purpose. Some will have more potential for content than others. For example, if you are selling dog leashes: 1) How to use leashes and not strangle your dog. 2) How to choose the best leash for your sized dog. 3) 50 uses for dog leashes that you never realized… at this point you’re running low on possibilities, but with something like… ‘one pot cooker’ … you could have hundreds of recipes, each one its own piece of content.

Format 3: De-mystifying common misconceptions customers have about your services

You have considerable insight into your product/services, and what it can do to improve the lives of others. Also, by dealing with your customers you learn time after time the things they are most concerned and confused about. This is great for content.

Landscaper: 1) Why you can’t just throw new grass on top of your lawn. 2)  Why do my plants always die?

Pizza shop: 1) All our sauce and dough is home-made, here’s why that matters. 2) Why do people say China is the creator of Pizza?

Accountant: 1) Why can’t I deduct my meal expenses? 2) Can I work for my company and not be on payroll?

Personal trainer: 1) Why do I not see results after dieting for weeks? 2) Why aren’t my abs visible even after doing crunches steadily?

Format 4: Relevant news in your industry

News is a never-ending stream of new information. Most of it won’t be relevant to you, but sometimes there is good material to use for writing an article. Let’s explore some ideas.

Landscaper: 1) A new piece of paving technology which automates the process 2) Climate change in local areas effecting native plants

Pizza shop: 1) Winning a pizza competition. 2) Uber eats and its impact on slice shops.

Accountant: 1) New federal grants for small businesses. 2) Tax law updates that disallow previous deductions.

Personal trainer: 1) New studies finding better routines for fat-loss. 2) New studies finding better routines for building muscle.

Format 5: Commonly asked questions or common problems your customer is trying to solve.

Your product/service solves some sort of problem for the consumer. It takes them from their ‘before’ state into the ‘after’ state, in a better condition. 

Landscaper: 1) How to turn your brown lawn into a green lawn. 2) How to lower your electricity bill with Solar. 3) How to get more usable square footage from your backyard.

Pizza shop: 1) How to enjoy Italian food and not get fat. 2) How to amaze your friends and family with Italian cooking skills. 3) How to diet and still eat your favorite Italian food.

Accountant: 1) How to get the maximum number of deductions, legally. 2) How to get peace of mind about your finances. 3) How to start saving properly for the future.

Personal trainer: 1) How to stick to your workout routine. 2) Why can’t I lose fat? 3) How can I diet and eat food I enjoy at the same time?

Format 6: Testimonials [BONUS]

If you’re in E-commerce some of the above formats might seem to not give you much potential for continued writing topics. No worries. For E-comm, a successful strategy is this: 100-200 words from EVERY customer you sell to. Every time you sell more, you get more reviews/testimonials; so this never runs out, AND it adds up over time to a considerable amount of text on your website!

Who Will Do the Writing?

Every week, 500 words. Someone’s got to do it!

If you do it yourself, and are focused, it should only take 1-2 hours.

If you cannot make yourself do it. You DON’T have to!

You can delegate this task in a few different ways:

  • Have your staff do it! Get them together and in 60 minute you will have some good content written.
  • Hire a professional writer on Fiverr! This should only cost you $30, and it is money well spent.
  • Have a friend or family do it for free.

If you can’t be bothered…

If you don’t want to deal with any content creation and want to delegate all of it, we at Clear Imaging can take this off your plate, and provide you with professional, relevant and unique content in text and video.