Creating video on social: it does not have to be a nightmare

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A Little Pep Talk

You can’t ignore video anymore.

According to research and surveys, video has overtaken blogs, text, infographics, and all other forms of content. And the search engines favor video content over text content.

Video is the new preferred format of content (text is STILL relevant and important, you need to do BOTH).

If you’re like me, you absolutely HATE doing video and you’ll create everything BUT video content.

Unfortunately, it is not 2010 anymore and if we want to be relevant in the 2020’s we have to change with the times.

The good news is, since small businesses HATE doing video, your competition is thin, so the time is right for you to swoop in and dominate.

This means: you must find a sustainable video strategy that you will ACTUALLY stick to! The strategy must:

  1. Make use of things you’re ALREADY doing and turn it into video
  2. Creating the video must take barely any effort.
    If you can do those two things, then you can have a video campaign you’ll actually do.
    Your Sustainable Strategy
    Tactic 1: Convert Articles to Video
  3. Take this week’s text article you wrote (500~ words).
  4. Create an account at
  5. Pay someone on $5, and using Lumen5 take your text-based article and turn it into a text-based video, with relevant images, no sound.
  6. Publish the video on your Youtube Channel and your personal Linkedin page.
  7. DONE.
    Tactic 2: Live Streaming Work
    Whether you are making pizzas, installing patio pavers, fixing cars, arranging flowers, putting in flooring, or making clients run on a treadmill, you can use your service as content for video. People LOVE watching experts at their work, showcasing their skills.
  8. While your service staff are working, do a Live Stream on Youtube, and upload it.
  9. Take another video, but not a Live Stream, and publish the video content to Youtube, Linkedin, and Google My Businesses.
  10. You can just use your iphone, NO production quality is required, and nor is it expected. These types of videos do not need expert lighting and audio.
  11. Do a minimum of one video per week
  12. Post it to you Youtube and Linkedin, EVERY time
  13. Posting on GMB is crucial. But you can only post video on Google My Business if you or your staff are in the video. Also GMB videos need to be very short 30-60 seconds and no more than 100MB.
  14. If there is any confidential information, pay someone on to edit it out. However, if you’re doing a Live Stream ensure there is nothing confidential, as it is LIVE.
  15. When posting video make sure your title and description contain your business name, the service/product in the video and your location.

If you can’t be bothered…

Video is vital. Either you are going to do it or have someone else do it. If you want someone else to take care of all of it then we at Massive Effect are here for you.

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