Why you waste money on marketing and don’t get results: Mistake #2

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Altered importance

Did you know there are over 200 ranking factors that Google uses when it decides where to place a website in the search results?

Do you think that your website needs to have all 200 points optimized in order to get to #1?

Absolutely not. I will tell you right now, MANY of those 200 factors you can completely ignore, with no consequence. Some are KEY, and some are NOT. But you have to have the judgement to know what you need to know and know what you can ignore.

Can you imagine running 200 different projects, one for each factor? You’d be paralyzed into inaction. You don’t have an eternity to try everything; you just need to work on the most important things, they things that are KEY.

You need to know what is important and what can be safely ignored.

A story illustrates this

I had a friend, a young lady who was working hard on her side-hustle. She was selling beauty products as an affiliate. She’d send someone to the flagship website, and she’d get a commission. She was using her personal FB page to post content and create a following. She was doing alright. She’d make some posts, get some engagement. She’d message some people and was taking home a few hundred a month from not too much work at all.

She wanted to take it to the next level and increase sales. And she had a great idea. She was going to create some QUALITY posts. She spent an entire day, hand-crafting three posts that she would make on her personal FB page. Each one with the text different from the other but similar, with headings carefully edited, and emoji’s as well. 

She then proceeded to post one on the first day, the second on the next day, and the third, on the day after that. Three posts, over 3 days.

She barely got any engagement and was terribly disappointed and actually quit for a while. She put so much time and effort into crafting the perfect posts, and then got absolutely zero results.

This is a classic example of altered importances. What is the important and key data on social media? Volume, volume, volume! She should’ve been doing 8 posts per day! Not 1!

It is safe to say that if she had instead invested her energy and attention on the importance the KEY actions, she could’ve seen great success, and not given up.

Not all data are equal. Some you can disregard, some you must burn into your mind, and are so important that all further data is based on them.

What data do you think is more important?

1. Tagging an image with your city’s GPS coordinates, Google gets an indication that you operate in that city or…

2. Your website should not have duplicate content

One piece of data is hardly important and can even be ignored, and the other piece of data is so crucial that an entire campaign can be written around it.

When you’re considering marketing there are ENDLESS tactics and strategies.

It’s like obsessing over the exact time to post your Facebook post so as to get enough engagement, when the post you are making is essentially useless and doesn’t even have a place in your marketing plan! This is a flagrant case of altered importance.

You read a new book on marketing, you learned 368 individual data. There is no way you’re going to remember all of them. and you don’t need to. you only need to remember and apply the key ones. But are you? Are you inspecting the seniority of data before you accept it?

You only have so much attention, don’t let your memory be hogged by unimportant information.

If you have ever sat and wondered why your digital marketing campaigns did not give you a return on your investment, then you probably have fallen victim to: altered importance.

Action Items:

  • Create a spreadsheet, and input each piece of marketing information, policy, do’s and don’ts
  • Create a column called ‘importance’ and give it a score of 1-5

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