Why you waste money on marketing and don’t get results: Mistake #5

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Mistake #5 – No surveying/market data, and simply inventing market data & inventing customer avatars

We save the best for last.

You could call this one: Blind Marketing.

28% of companies aren’t doing any formal competitor research (producthabits.com)

And it is not just competitor research that businesses are failing on, it is also researching their own market.

All too often the creation of a customer avatar is a mere formality and it does not get utilized with every piece of marketing thereafter produced.

Good marketing is knowing exactly what the prospect is thinking and then saying it back to him.

You’ll never know what the prospects fears, desires and objections are if you don’t survey them.

A story can illustrate this:

There was a young lad, an American living in Japan. It was up to him to promote a workshop. He went out in downtown Osaka with 10,000 printed flyers in a suitcase roller. It was very heavy and he lugged it all over town, spent two days by himself, distributing flyers, in the cold. A lot of hard work had gone into the design, printing and distribution of these flyers. When all was done he packed up and took the subway back to his home, triumphantly, excitedly waiting for all the responses to the flier.

There was only one phone call.

It was a complete and utter failure.


Surveying and market research was only done on the pain point.

It was NOT done to find desires, objections, and there was no customer avatar either, it was blind, shotgun style marketing, and it did not work.

How many businesses do the same?

Sit around, take some guesses and just go on hunches.

It is fatal to invite your customer’s avatar, and pain points, fears and objections. They must be bourne out of research and surveying.

The weakest link in any marketing campaign is this research.

If you have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on marketing only to get poor or no results, then there is a good chance that you did not have your market research!


  • Too much data (false, and confused data)
  • Altered importance
  • Altered sequence
  • Incomplete data
  • No survey/market data

Take Action!

Now here is the situation. The above 5 points are manifesting themselves RIGHT NOW in your marketing campaigns, and you probably don’t know it. You need to root them out and deal with them. You need to look through your business with a magnifying glass, search out these points, like they are a cancer, and handle them.

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