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Building Trust with Logos

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Howdy there!

This is marketing bites by clear imaging. I’m your marketing specialist, Kieram, and we’re going to give you some useful knowledge without any of the fluff. Let’s just dive right in. 

Today we’re going to be talking about how to make your website, build trust, and get you more sales. Specifically, we’re going to be talking about trust, logos, and things you can add to your website to make you look more legitimate. 

People are searching for you on the web and they need to feel reassured and feel safe about going with you. In other words, they need third party recognitions that you are a safe choice. If people trust you, they will do business with you. So, let dive right in and see how you can use this on your website for your business.

So here is a company, they do painting classes. 

These are logos of past clients. Basically, the idea of this is it shows that you’ve worked with these companies and you’re the real deal. Like, “Look how impressive I am.” Right? I mean, you just see this and this is very impressive right off the bat.

But this wouldn’t be for everybody. So, if you’re business to business, this would be for you. If you’re doing software, commercial landscaping, business consultant, cleaning company, or any other similar thing, this would be a good move for you. You’re not going to do these if you’re a florist or a pizza shop though, because that won’t be applicable.

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Alright, let’s go to our next choice, which would be awards. So, this is applicable for anyone, right. This is just good stuff. So, it’s just showing that you’ve done great work and you’ve been recognized by a third party. This is Angie’s List, but its doesn’t have to be Angie’s list, it could be Home Advisor or whatever is appropriate for you industry. So even if you are doing landscaping, plumbing, electrical work, contracting, dentistry, or are a florist, whatever it is, there’s awards that you could probably be getting. 

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So next, we will move on to memberships and associations. This basically shows that you’re a real business. There’s not much more to it than that. So, this vitamin company and these are just some of them. It could be regulatory bodies as well. So, if you’re an accountant, if you’re in law, if you’re in medical, you’d want to get some memberships of some associations. If you’re in landscaping, ICPI would be a great example of that, so get the ICPI logo. 

Let’s get on to some more. So, this is only if you’re selling things online.

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Having security logos says “Hey, you’re safe on my website”. So, you see this guy down here, this Norton thing in the corner? Instantly reassures anyone buying from your site. 

If you’re doing shopping on anything but Amazon, you’ll feel more reassured if you see something like this because you’re putting in your credit card information. 

So, this goes a long way, but this is only if you’re doing e-commerce. If you’re a landscaper or plumber or if you’re a marketing company, you do not need to put a security logo. This is for e-commerce only. 

Alright, let’s keep rolling along. Here’s an example of someone who’s mixing it up. 

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We’ve got membership right here or an associations. We’ve got what I’m assuming is certified Generac installer or maybe a Generac dealer or something. They we have whatever this thing in the middle is and then some awards. So, it’s a mixed bag and honestly I would separate them, because it would communicate a little more clearly. 

Now, let’s take a look at certifications. 

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So, these give consumers peace of mind that you’re qualified for skilled work. You could be a personal trainer, a contractor, a landscaper, anything where you’re doing skilled work. So, we’ve got ICPI here and we’ve got another one of these. Again, this is not something that you would need if you’re a pizza shop or florist or something like that. If you’re in a vocation, you should definitely see what certifications you can get because that’s going to help build a lot of trust.

The last one over here is partnerships.

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Now this isn’t really for everyone and again, it’s just another way to show that you’re a real business.

So, one example, this is a Google partner. This won’t be applicable to all of you, but an example I can think of is this: You’re a landscaper and you’re partnering with a company that does artificial turf and they only do artificial turf and you just do landscapes. So, you guys refer business to each other back and forth. Well, in that case, you guys could be considered partners and you could put each other’s logos on your sites to show that partnership. So that just shows to the audience that you work with another company and helps build a little bit of legitimacy. 

So those are the various types of trust logos you can add to your website. 

Final thoughts on this: Only pick one or two types, max. You don’t want to do a whole page of logos because that would just look terrible. So pick whatever logos are appropriate for your company and just throw them on and it’s really going to help your conversion rate. People are going to land on your site, they’re going to feel much more reassured that you’re a real company. 

Alright, that just about does it. If you want your website to build trust and to get more sales, you definitely need to implement what you’ve seen and read here as it fits with your company. 

This is us, Clear Imaging, if you need help with your website

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My company, Clear Imaging, has been helping small business owners manage their website since 2004. We’ve super dependable and always answer emails to get the job done.

So come one over to the contact page over here and just let us know if there’s anything we can do for you. 

Until then, God bless and stay safe.

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