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This is Kieram with clear imaging and this article is part of our marketing how-to series. Today, I’m going to be showing you how to think of ideas for creating content for your website and this article is specifically tailored for landscapers. Now just in case you need reminding, content is king if you want your website to be at the top in Google and keep your competitors below you in google maps. To get those phone calls and new jobs coming in then you will need to be creating quality content continuously, but it can be a difficult task and you might never get the ball rolling. Today, I’m going to be showing you three simple frameworks you can use to get that content. 

Okay, so for the first content idea, go on down to buzzsumo.com and put in your main keyword related to your industry. 

So if you were in fitness it could be personal trainer or fitness. If you’re in electrical, you could put electrician or electric repair. If you’re a landscaper, you could put landscaping or landscaper. Now hit search and what it’s going to do is show you all the content on the web that has the most engagement on Facebook, Pinterest, etc. 

Now, there’s some stuff in here that will be junk that won’t have anything to do with you such as news items, which you can’t really use that would be relevant for you and your website, but if you scroll down, you’ll find something good like “Remarkable Landscaping Ideas and Insight for Noticeable Results” with twenty thousand shares on Pinterest. 

“Awesome Landscaping Ideas for Your Backyard” with twelve thousand on Facebook.

So what this does, is it gives you an idea of content that is popular on the web, which you can then create your own content based around. 

Here’s another one “Beautiful Inspirational Backyard Landscaping Ideas” with seven thousand engagements on Facebook. 

So, go through here, take a look around, then get ideas from these articles, and basically write them down with your own angle and with your own take on it. Then you’ll be making content that’s already been proven to be quality and interesting. 

So the second type of content I want to talk about is making a page for every time you do a job. Now not just a lawn care job, but a sizable job like some hardscaping for instance. If you have in your portfolio projects that you’ve done, you’ll get the idea what you can take these and use them for content.

For instance, let’s say you get a new job and it’s with a pool or a patio or a fireplace or outdoor kitchen, you start right off by writing up the job description and then all the equipment and skills needed as one section. In the next section you can write down the day to day kind of like a journal entry of all the work being done at the site, just some notes or a play by play. You don’t have to go too far into detail, but you just keep documenting it day by day as you do the job. Then on the last day when the job is done, you can get a testimonial from the customer and then write your overall experience with the job. Lo and behold, you should have at least five hundred words of unique content created and all you’ve been doing is documenting a job you’ve been given. That’s the beauty of being in landscaping, which is a service industry, because you can use the jobs that you’re doing as a framework for the content of your website. You’re literally just documenting day by day what you’re doing and then you type it up and then bam, you’ve got a webpage with unique content. You can throw in photos of before and after and you can throw in some video and it’ll be really good and unique content for your website. Not many people are doing it and it’s definitely something you should start doing and as I said, it can be for projects that are more than a one-hour lawn care thing.

Definitely get this going and if you can’t do it yourself, delegate to someone in your office so they can document it and then use all that text and put it on your website. 

Alright, content idea number three. This one is no surprise, but basically use frequently asked questions. So you should sit down with your sales reps or if you do the sale, sit down and write down all the questions you get asked most commonly by the prospect. Just give yourself some time, because it might take a little while to get the creative juices flowing, but eventually you’ll start remembering all of them. Make that list and then for each item on that list, have someone in the office write an article about that and that will give you a very good source of unique for your website. 

In this case, we’ve got “How do permeable pavement systems work?” with just a short little article with about 300 or so words, but I’ll tell you, if you’re doing this week in and week out that would be very good for your SEO and you’d be surprised how many questions you can start getting down to. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could figure out a hundred different questions with different variations that prospect may have about landscaping. It’s a pretty big industry and you’ve got the hardscapes, the landscaping, the lawn care, the water features, maintenance, and it just goes on and on. Seasonal aspects and regional aspects, you can really get down, especially considering how many plants are involved. 

So there’s a lot of fodder, so to speak, for frequently asked questions and that’s a really great avenue for you to create that content continuously with new ideas. 

So that just about does it. Some closing thoughts as you can see there’s really a whole wealth of potential topics to write about. Use what we discussed today and get started. Get those creative juices flowing and by doing this, you’re going to be one step closer to dominating in Google. 

Now if you need help with your website or if you want us to write that content for you, Clear Imaging has been helping small business owners manage their websites since 2004 and before. We’re super dependable, always answer emails, and we get the job done, which is why we’ve been around for so long. So if you need any help, come on down to the content page and let us know if there’s anything we can do for you. 

Until then, thank you very much and take care!

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