How can you boost a post on Facebook?

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You can create a general post on Facebook to promote your products or services. At the same time, you can also ‘boost’ that post to reach a larger audience base of your choosing. This is a simple and straightforward way to get your posts to reach more people. 

When you boost a post, you will have control over the following factors:

  • Audience: The kind of people you want to reach.
  • Budget: You will determine how much you intend to spend on the campaign.
  • Duration: Determine the duration for which your campaign will run.

It is worth noting that boosted Facebook posts are considered ads even when they are different from Meta ads. Meta ads are different in that they are created from within the Ads Manager.

Steps to Boost Your Facebook Post

Here are the main steps you should be taking to boost your Facebook post:

Before you begin with the steps, make sure you have an Administrator or manager access for your page. Otherwise, you should have a Facebook Ads Manager account featuring a current payment option.

1. Open Facebook Page & Post

  • Open your Facebook page on a web browser or from within the app. 

  • Select the post you want to boost and click on ‘boost post’.

  • Click on ‘I accept’ to accept Meta’s policy.
  • You will be taken to the page to set all the parameters for your boosted post.

2. Set the Goal

Keep in mind that not all posts can be posted. However, 99% of the time, you can boost a specific post.

  • The goal suggestions are filled in by default.
  • The factors include audience targeting criteria, duration, link, and budget among others.
  • For optimal results, you should check each section and ensure the parameters meet your objectives.
  • Click on ‘change’ in the ‘goal’ section.

  • Select the results you are focused on. These include Engagement, Traffic, and Sales.
  • If you have a link included in your boosted post, it is recommended to select the option ‘get more website visitors’.

3. Set the Audience

You should select who should be seeing your boosted post. 

  • Click on the edit button in front of ‘advantage audience’ within the ‘audience’ section.

  • Select the ‘gender’, ‘age’ range, and ‘locations’ from the ‘edit audience’ dialog box.
  • You can save the criteria and then access it next time you want to target the same audience.
  • When it comes to location, you can choose from a wide range of geographies. This includes everything from country to specific cities.
  • It is optional to set these parameters. As mentioned above, you can also let Facebook set the parameters.

4. Set Your Budget

By default, Facebook has set your campaign to 7 days of running. This is because it is the ideal duration for a post to gain exposure. 

Next, you should set the budget for your post. Facebook will provide an estimate of the number of people your post will reach and the potential clicks it can generate.

Once you have set these parameters, choose the ‘payment method’ that you prefer.

Once you are ready to send your boosted post live, you can click on the ‘publish’ button.

Benefits of Boosting Your Facebook Post

Now that you know how to boost a post on Facebook, it is worth finding out the full potential of the process. The key benefits of the service are as follows:

Increased Visibility

Facebook is the largest social media platform. This means that reaching your target audience can be a challenge amid the vast and constant flow of content. Boosting a post allows you to build awareness and gain large visibility. 

Increased Engagement

Boosted posts tend to get more likes and shares. They can also help drive a larger number of followers. Engagement is a crucial factor when it comes to social media posts. Using Facebook’s ‘boost’ option can help you drive the desired level of engagement.

Control Who You Reach

Based on your product, service, or season, you will need to target different audiences and regions. The post boosting option allows you to do exactly that. This means your post will be seen exactly by those who are interested in the information you have to share. Besides, targeting also helps you avoid wasting your resources.

Promote Custom Content

Facebook allows you to save different sets of target audiences. You can create custom content for different segments before running your campaigns. Thus, you can reach the right audience with the right content. 

Thus, there are many benefits of using Facebook’s post boosting feature. If you want to learn more about this feature or any other promotional features on Facebook, feel free to contact Clear Imaging, Inc. You can reach out to us at 1(800) 380-6942 or send us a message using this Online Form and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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