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How to Rank Higher on Google Maps

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We have all seen it, the block of Google Maps search results which sometimes appear above the normal listings, listing out between five and ten companies, some of which may not even have a website. Indeed getting in the Google Maps search results has little to do with your actual website, and much to do with the points below. Here are a few factors which play a role in your company’s position in Google Maps which you should implement:

1) Firstly and most importantly: Create your Google Places account for your business and verify it. You won’t be able to get in AT ALL if you don’t do this. Therefore it is the most important step. Insure you only have one listing for your business.

2) While Google doesn’t describe in great detail, if you have many positive reviews on your website it will add points to your position within Google Maps. Getting reviews is easier than you think. You can solicit your customers to write a review on your Google Places page for an incentive (such as 10% off, or a coupon). If your page has bad reviews, just keep getting customers to write good reviews until the overwhelming majority of your reviews are positive. And it goes without saying that all reviews should be real.

3) Choose appropriate business categories. Google allows you to select up to five categories to describe the activities your business is involved with. It even allows you to create your own if they don’t already exist.

4)  Make sure the address and contact info on your Google Places page match the info on the contact page of your website. Your information must be consistent.

5) Search the web for large review/directory type websites, where businesses are listed and reviews are given. Then submit an entry for your website (don’t forget to make sure your contact information is consistent), and then get customers to write reviews for these websites too. This helps give your website more credibility, and shows Google that your company has some reputation. And while you’re at it, make sure you put a link to your website.

6) On the description of your website in your Google Places profile, make sure that you include your company’s keywords, but not to the point of being spammy, unnatural text.

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