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Using Youtube to Promote your Business

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As you may have already seen during your time on Youtube, there are can be completely unprofessional, uninteresting or plain useless videos that have high position in the Youtube search results. And these videos don’t necessarily have very high views or are very popular, they are just filling the void, as something has to come up no mater what you search and if there is nothing decent then you’ll get whatever Youtube’s algorithm deems relevant. What does this mean to you? Quite simply, there may be a niche for which you are not taking advantage of.

If your company sells products (of any kind) then a video review can be made of every product in your inventory. For products that already have many existing videos and competition it may be harder for you to rank higher. However if you take this ‘shotgun’ approach you will find niches you may have never before suspected, not to mention portraying yourself as an authority on the area, as you have so much valuable and trusted content.

But my business only sells a few products

There is no reason your video reviews of products needs to encompass only what your business sells. Indeed, you can take the position of an ‘authority’ in your field and then proceed to make videos on ALL related products. This makes gives you a tremendous supply of video content and a great likely hood for making videos with low competition.

But my business sells services, not products

Should you be in the service industry (be it landscaping, restaurants, cleaning), there is a good chance that you don’t sell actual products to your customers. Don’t let this give you the impression that the only videos you can make are completed projects and testimonials! There is no reason why YOU TOO can’t make videos reviewing all of the products your company itself uses. For instance:

1)      Landscaping company: all tools, machinery and raw materials

2)      Restaurant: tools, machinery, and foods

3)      Cleaning company: all equipment used.

As you can see there is no shortage of material for videos. The more videos you make the wider you spread your influence throughout Youtube, and the more chances you give yourself to be found and rank .

Do I need professional equipment?

Truth be told the HD video recorder of a decent digital camera would certainly suffice. Additionally, you won’t need any fancy intros or special effects that you see other Youtubers using. All you need to focus on is creating useful and valuable content, and that will sell itself.

SEOing your video

After you made your videos, you will need them to be found. That said, be sure to put all relevant keywords to your video in the ‘tags’ section, and then most importantly give the video a descriptive title, using the video’s most relevant keyword. Lastly, make sure to not ‘over-seo’ your video’s title, keep it natural and focused.

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