Using Vine for your Business

What is Vine and how is it Different from Youtube?

Vine went online January 2013 (as a part of Twitter), and as of August 2013 reached 40 million users. According to statistics every five seconds one tweet is a tweet from Vine.

Vine and Youtube are essentially the same thing, with a few subtle differences. Both allow users to take video with their smart phones and upload them to the web, and subsequently share and tag them. The main difference is that Vine has a six-second time limit for all videos, therefore making filming and uploading very fast. Vine also allows users to edit the video they shoot on their phone thus making it a one stop shop, and not requiring the person to have any special software on their PC/Mac in order to edit. Using its in-app camera, the camera records only while the screen is being touched, enabling users to edit on the fly or create stop motion effects

Vine makes an environment where short, ‘home-made’ videos are perfectly acceptable and in demand. This is a boon to anyone who has been intimidated at the prospect of filming and editing videos for Youtube.

How can I use Vine for my business?

One can use Vine for promoting their business in the same way that they would use Youtube. Click here to view our Youtube article to get some ideas on what kind of videos you can create to get the word out about your company.

Tips on Using Vine

1)      Since the videos are only six seconds long it is important to determine what you are trying to show, and then just show that one thing, keep it focused

2)      Take advantage of all the editing functions that the Vine Camera App has to offer; thereby allowing you to take a plain video and turn it into something much more creative

3)      Remember that you want your videos to go viral and be found easily, you can help make this happening by appropriately tagging your content

4)      Share your videos far and wide

5)      See what other companies are doing to get ideas for your own videos. It never hurts to see what is successful and then adapt it and make it your own