Building Confidence with Testimonials

As business owners know, gaining consumer confidence and trust in your company and products is a vital aspect of doing business. Sometimes this can be easier said than done. However, when it comes to gaining trust and confidence from users visiting your website it is actually quite simple and easily done. Simple things like:

1)      Testimonials

2)      Professional photographs for products

3)      Sensible and professional text

4)      Avoidance of unsubstantiated claims

Let’s discuss the different types of testimonials and how you can get them for your website.

Review Websites

Thanks to Google Plus, Yelp, Angie’s List, Houzz and others, online review websites have become a crucial aspect in the consumer’s decision making process. Business can no longer afford (unless they are household named brands) to not participate. Additionally, Google search results now show the number of stars (out of five) for each local business; these stars come from the reviews from their Google Plus page. Businesses with the best rating get chosen, while ones without get ignored. Time and money invested in strengthening your G+ and Yelp ratings is well spent.

This kind of review/testimonial is the most effective at this time.

Typed Testimonials

Testimonials typed as text are the most basic and easiest testimonial to get. It could be something which the client wrote and you transcribed or something which the client said verbally and you took it down. You can get them simply by having a talk with your client and asking them what they thought of their experience with your company. Or you can have a prepared form which they can fill out after which you type and put the text on your site.

Text testimonials are very good and one should venture to acquire them, however there is a perception by the consumer base that ‘anyone could have written it’ which gives this form of testimonial only so much credence.

Written and Signed Testimonials

If you could get a client/customer to agree to write a testimonial which would be posted on the internet with their full name, address and signature then that would serve as an excellent vehicle for instilling confidence. Of course with this type of testimonial you would not type it out as text, instead you would take a photo of it and create a small thumbnail of the photo for them to click on, and then the enlarged photo for them to read.

Video Testimonials

Last but not least, the ultimate in testimonials would be a video clip, where the client/customer states their name and then their experience with your company.

Naturally, clients/customers may be reluctant to do so, therefore your best prospects are for clients who have been doing business with you for a long time and you’ve built a firm relationship with and wouldn’t mind spreading the word about their continuous positive experience.