The Only Way to use Youtube for your Business

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Social media giant Youtube is arguably the most wrongly/under used website for businesses. With creativity and promotion it is a force to be reckoned with and can create incredible ROI. So let’s look it over.

The Obvious

    The obvious and most mundane uses of Youtube are for businesses:

    1. Review/product testing/un-boxing videos

    2. Tours of completed projects

    3. Sales videos which create a mystery and a desire for the product, enticing the viewer to click and go to a sign up page

    4. DIY videos for home improvement/guides for how to do things

    The above are solid and you can create a decent sized audience with them, but what if you really want to hit it out of the park, and go for the gold?

    Youtube Unleashed

    The secret to creating a large and loyal Youtube audience lies in creating simply one of two types of content:

    1. Funny/Amusing/Entertaining (with emphasis on ‘funny’)

    2. Unbelievable/Shocking (emphasis on: ‘wow, how did they do that?’)

    If the above adjectives look familiar to you, they should be! They are the two core types of viral content. Therefore obviously they would be the most successful type of Youtube video, and businesses can tap into this.


    1. Company intro video or product description video, like:

      1. Old Spice

      2. Dollar Shave Club

    2. Funny commercial series:

      1. Allstate:

      2. Blendtech:

    3. High production value and highly useful videos:

      1. Kraft Recipes:

    The above are some examples of companies creating very professional, valuable content which is eagerly shared among viewers. Of course this takes great creativity, time, money and energy. However if done right your videos can go viral and reach millions of people. Thereby creating great brand awareness and the ability to funnel people to your website so they can learn more about you and what you are selling.

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