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5 Things You’re doing wrong in Social Media

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There are definitely some Dos and Don’ts with regard to social media for business.

We’re going to take a look at Twitter and Facebook and how NOT to use them

1 – Not thinking outside the box

Just because you are a landscaper doesn’t mean that your content strategy will only be posting photos of landscapes & completed projects. Just because you’re a restaurant doesn’t mean you only post photos of your menu items and guests eating.

Would a CPA post links to IRS forms for their content plan? They could, but it would be terrifically boring. What should a CPA do on social media? How about links to great video tutorials on how to fill out certain forms? That is value.

2 – Posting only about your products

You should only be posting about your products and services 10% of the time. The remainder of your posts should be useful content which helps your audience. These can be links to articles, videos, infographics, guides, etc. Every once in a while you can drop a coupon on a link to a special offer, but ONLY if this offer/coupon is of great value and a deep discount. Do not post coupons of 5% off as these are not of great value. Successful social media revolves around the sharing of GREAT content, not the mundane.

3- Posting a couple times a week

On Facebook you should be posting 3 times a day and Twitter at least 6 times a day. The life-span of a post is very short, and only a small percentage of your audience will see it. This means you need to post more frequently AND repeat the same posts, but not on the same day. Marketers shouldn’t be shy about re-posting content. Simply re-write the text or write it with a different angle, view-point. It is very well a possibility that only 5% of your audience ever sees your posts.

4 – Ignoring comments/ not engaging

Facebook and Twitter are your company’s “social telephone”, you must be able to answer the call and deal with customer reactions to your products, whether this be praise or complaints. In twitter you should have a feed setup to show all mentions/hashtags of your company’s name. On Facebook you should answer every comment left on your posts and page, whether negative, positive or neutral. When you engage with people’s comments on your company you bring your brand closer to them and enhance the relationship.

5 – Not Soliciting Online Reviews

We all have many satisfied customers. We wouldn’t still be in business if we didn’t. Soliciting online reviews from your customers, particularly via Google Plus, Google My Business and Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, is one of the most powerful methods to increase your Google rankings. Google gives major weight to online reviews, especially on your Google My Business social media platform. So, every time you finish a new project for a satisfied customer, it is crucial to ask them to post a review on your Google My Business page, at least. Even offer your customers a free gift card to make it even more appealing to them. It’s money well spent and the return on investment is huge!

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