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Marketing Blind-folded [Part One]

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Is your internet marketing and website marketing strategy NOT getting you the results you want?

Do you feel you feel a disconnect from the money you spend on marketing and the results you get in your revenue?

If ‘yes’, do not despair, something can be done about it.

What is needed is a better strategy. A strategy that has worked and continues to work, and is empirical.


A Better Strategy: Leading with Value

First, let’s go over the obvious. Since a commercial website’s purpose is to sell and generate revenue the copy, structure and pages are geared towards selling.

Informational websites like Wikipedia have the purpose to inform, so the copy, structure and design are all geared to inform.

So, commercial websites go sales heavy, and info websites go content heavy. And this is how websites are distinguished. However, as the internet evolved commercial sites saw less and less profits, and so some businesses had to change up the game a bit. They took the hint from informational sites and started putting focus on content, while still selling. This is what you see when you find a business website with a bunch of articles or blog posts on their industry or field.

It is no longer sufficient to simply have a website. You must have content. Business have been doing this because, as everyone knows ‘content is king’. And so they go; making the company blog, informational articles, product reviews, white papers, etc etc etc. But what level of quality is this content are they creating? Mediocre at best.

And while this content DOES help a site’s SEO, it does not NECESSARILY help your site generate revenue.

This is not to say that this content is garbage, or spam. Not at all. But it does say that the content being created isn’t doing enough for the prospect. It’s not helping him enough. The content helps the search engines more than it helps him.


But why is content king, and why must you have it?

First, let’s zero in on this and find out WHY content is king. And why having good content on a commercial website should increase your revenue.

The first thing to know about this is that content is created for the USER not for the Search Engines.

Content created for the prospect/consumer is designed to help him.

How do you create content that will help the prospect?

Find out his needs and pain points. His difficulties. What he is trying to solve by using your product/services. You’re trying to make him a better person. This is applicable in any industry, space, field, etc. The content should:

  • Fill an un-met and un-known need
  • Help them to solve a problem/situation
  • Enhancing their intelligence
  • Make them feel better
  • Raise their status or confidence

Good content should do one or more of the above and one’s content strategy should be based upon this.

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