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Marketing Blind-folded [Part Two]

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Why bother doing this in the first place?

Why should you go through the effort to create content which does the above?

Because we are in a new era of marketing called: The Relationship Era. Great content fosters great relationships.

It is no longer enough to simply do advertising, especially on the web. Because there is so much competition and so many businesses selling the same thing, one has to go to great length to capture the attention of the consumer.

And who will capture the attention and favor of a consumer? A company with standard content, or a company with superlative content?

A company which gives a better user experience, which actually enhances the consumer will be remembered, and promoted by word of mouth.

The only way a site generates revenue is if the user likes the site and contacts the company to give them money (or if the pricing is extremely low, but who can compete with that?). If good SEO work gets people to the site, but they don’t then convert, the SEO work is for nothing! And there will be no conversions… and no extra revenue. Therefore, bad content repulses business, and good content sucks it in. It doesn’t matter how good a site’s SEO is, if the user experience is poor then the person will not convert. If they have a poor experience they won’t call in, or fill out the contact form


How do I know if my content is of superlative quality?

Very simply.

Ask yourself this question:

If your web server went offline, and your website deleted, would anyone miss your content? Would people be genuinely upset or disappointed if they could no longer access your content?

That is the question.

If your answer is no, then don’t worry. It just means that there is considerable room for improvement.


What are some examples of this level of content?

Here is a stellar example of high quality content, created for the user, in an effort to make him smarter, better and more able:

The Food Lab’s Definitive Guide to Grilled Steak



Other Reasons Content is King

  • If your content is good enough it establishes you as a thought leader and authority, therefore people will listen to what you have to say
  • It puts the user in your debt, since you have done so much for him, in the way of work and research, they feel benefited by you, and don’t mind at all putting down some money
  • Good content spreads itself, people share it, it becomes free advertising for your company
  • 94% of people who visit your website are not ready to buy. But 100% people who visit are ready to be enlightened and enhanced by your content. This means you can optimize what occurs when people reach your site. People who normally would click back or leave who aren’t ready to buy, can instead download/access your excellent free content, and then be that much further down your sales funnel (maximizing the efficiency of your website).

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