Use Linkedin to get B2B Leads

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Are you a contractor and you do business with other companies?

Are you a landscaper and you service commercial properties?

Good news. You can find leads for more projects using Linkedin. And it is free.

Let’s check it out.

Step 1: Search out and ‘connect’ with all past companies you’ve worked with. This only works if they have a LinkedIn profile created; not all of them will. Manually search for each past company and send them a ‘connect’ invite.

Step 2: Ask them for endorsements. Once you’ve connected with past company’s you’ve worked with, go ahead and go to their profile page and write an honest endorsement which is relevant and factual. They will be very happy, and some will even return the favor and write an endorsement on your business’s profile page.

Step 3: Get referrals. Continue to nurture the relationships with these companies (providing some kind of free content) and after you’ve established good rapport, go through their own connections list, find some good prospects, and then ask if they’d do you the favor of referring you to them.

This is all free, it only requires your time and energy, and if you do it right you will get some leads or even repeat business from you past customers.

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