Get Google Reviews Right Now

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Is your business in the service industry?

Do you have zero reviews on Google or 3 stars or below?

If you answered ‘yes’, then you are losing sales.

It is not enough to be at the top in Google anymore.

You have to be at the top AND have numerous positive reviews. This is crucial in the service industry.

The first thing someone does before calling up a contractor, landscaper, electrician, plumber, etc, is look them up on Google and see what their reviews are. If you have no reviews or an average of three stars or less you will be skipped, and the prospect will go with a competitor who has better reviews.

Let’s look at some easy ways you can start getting your Google Reviews now:

One: project completion
As a service provider, the easiest and most effective way you can get reviews is at the completion of the job. Have the foreman, technician or whoever deals with your customer, ask for a review right then, either just before the customer pays or just after they pay.

Two: Email Follow up
For those who did not do a review after completing the job, you must, must send an email request, later that day, with a link to your Google My Business page. Send another follow up email one week later to those who still haven’t reviewed. The longer you wait the less likely they will be to actually write the review.

Three: Piggy-back off newsletters
All your newsletters and promotional emails should have a link at the bottom, which asks the reader to give you a review on Google. While this may not result in many reviews it is very fast to implement, free and runs on automatic, so you may as well do it.

Four: Excavate old lists
Roll up your sleeves and go through the last several years of customer testimonials (assuming you’ve been keeping them on file) and make a list. Then call and email them, telling them that you recently saw the awesome testimonial they wrote, and you wanted to thank them and ask them if they would be willing to write that testimonial again, but this time as a Google Review.

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