Email List Building: Paid Customers

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This summer get more leads & close more sales with email marketing!

How to get started Email Marketing from Scratch and get new business this summer.

Before you can start email marketing you need to make your email list. It is vital that you have your lists organized in a certain way.

In the beginning when creating your list, you should sort your contacts into the following groups:

  • paid customers
  • quoted prospects
  • multiple paid customers
  • cancelled customers (applicable only to service providers)

Part One: Paid Customers

This list is absolutely critical. If you were only going to make one list for your email marketing, this would be the one. This list is your bread and butter.

Who are these people?
These are customers who have paid you for some service. And not ones who have just had a ‘free service’. They have given you money. It should be your largest list in terms of quantity of emails; it is also your most valuable list in terms of how much new revenue it has the potential of creating.

Why create this list?
Paid customers are far, far, far more likely to do business with you a second time, than a new prospect is likely to do business with you for the first time. Therefore, a good amount of your energy and attention should be spent on selling multiple times to your paid customers over and over and over.

What emails should you send to this list?

  1. Sales/Special offer emails
  2. In addition to sales emails you should also send emails that offer free and valuable content.

When should you send the emails?

  • Sending one special offer or sales email to your Paid Customers list is completely fine and a conservative approach.
  • Helpful content email: once per week

How to make this list?

  • export contacts from Gmail or whatever email provider you use
  • export contacts from QuickBooks or whatever accounting software you use
  • invoices

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