Email List Building Part Two: Quoted Prospects

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Why create this list?
Just because a prospect says ‘no’ does not mean they cannot say ‘yes’ at a future time. Therefore, it is vital to keep their contact information on file and follow up with them from time to time. This is time well spent. Prospects can require many interactions with your company before they are ready to buy, so just keep warming them up.

Who are these people?
These are individuals who have not paid for a service/product from your company. They have expressed interest and maybe even have had a free service/product, but they have never whipped out their wallet and paid money.

What emails should you send to it?
Prospects are at the least ‘mildly curious’ and at the most ‘interested’. They need more information about your company before they are ready to buy. They need reassurance, facts so they can feel secure about choosing you. Therefore, they should be sent informational emails that show you are legitimate and have a good reputation. Also, short ‘follow up’ emails designed to coax a phone call or response, so you can address their concerns and then sell them.

When should you send the emails?

  • Information emails designed to build trust: weekly
  • Coaxing emails: once per month

How do you make it?

  • export contacts from Gmail or whatever email provider you use

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