Email List Building Part Three: Repeat Paid Customers

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Why create this list?
Repeat customers are true unicorns. By their action of buying from you multiple times they have shown that they like your brand and are willing to come back for more. And if they came back for more once, it is VERY likely that can come back for more again, and again, and again. You can increase the chances for these repeat sales by continuing to communicate with them and promote to them. Even though less than 10% of your customers may be repeat buyers, it is still vital that you advertise and sell to them, as this increases the customer life-time value and does wonders for your profit margins. 

Who are these people?
They have purchased your product or service more than once (twice or more). Free services/products do not count. They have to have had paid twice or more.

What emails should you send to it?
You would not send the exact same emails from your other lists to this list. Emails sent to repeat buyers should be special discounts for being loyal customers. Also, since they like your brand so much they are ideal candidates for requesting referrals. In your emails to repeat buyers you should reference the fact that they ARE repeat buyers, and that their loyalty is appreciated.

  1. Referral emails
  2. Loyal Customer Sales emails

When should you send the emails?

  • Every 2-3 weeks send one of the above, alternating.

How do you make it?

  • export contacts from Gmail or whatever email provider you use
  • export contacts from QuickBooks or whatever accounting software you use
  • invoices

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