Email List Building: Cancelled Customers

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Why create this list?
While this email probably will be the least profitable out of the four lists, it is still worth doing, since email marketing is basically free or just a nominal fee.

Don’t let your own counter-thought “they just can’t afford my services” prevent you from selling to them. If they have a need it will get fulfilled by someone, either by themselves or another company. Don’t let it be another company.

As a side note, customers who are jerks and with whom you never want to do business again should be put in a separate list called: dead customers, and should not be in the Cancelled Customers list, since we want to sell to people in the cancelled list.

Who are these people?
This list is only applicable if you have a service-based business where you give monthly service to your customers. For example: a monthly lawn care service plan. Not all customers will stay with you forever, and some will drop off.

What emails should you send to it?
Once in a while you should state in your emails to this list that you know they are cancelled customers but you wanted to keep them up to date and provide value to them, whether they are a customer or not.

  1. Informational emails
  2. Special offers for past customers

When should you send the emails?

  1. One email ever 3-4 weeks. Alternate with informational and special offer.

How do you make it?

  • export contacts from Gmail or whatever email provider you use
  • export contacts from QuickBooks or whatever accounting software you use


If you take the time to organize your customers and contacts into the above four lists then you will be way ahead of the game and many other businesses.

It will take some time and effort to do so, but it will pay off in the end for the single reason that: your messages must be tailor made to your customers, one message does not always fit all.

Additionally, if you in fact cannot take the time to do this then it would be well worth your while to hire someone to do it for you.

Where do I create these lists?

Initially you would create them in an Excel Spreadsheet, and when they are all done you can then sign up with MailChimp and upload your customers into individual lists; and then start emailing them.

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