How to get Google Reviews so easy your grandma can do it

Have you been putting off “getting more Google reviews” for your business?

Do you just not have the time or are you turned off by the complexity?

If that is you, worry not. We are going to sort it out.

Why do I need them?

Do you still need convincing that you need Google reviews? If you’re already sold on the idea you can skip this section.

Getting Google reviews is absolutely mission-critical.

It is not enough to be at the top in Google anymore.

You have to be at the top AND have numerous positive reviews. This is crucial in the service industry.

The first thing someone does before calling up a contractor, landscaper, electrician, plumber, etc, is look them up on Google and see what their reviews are. If you have no reviews or an average of three stars or less you will be skipped, and the prospect will go with a competitor who has better reviews.

Step One: When to ask for the review

Before you ask for a review you should know WHEN to ask.

There are many opportunities in your day to day where you can ask for a review. Here are some of them:

  • Any time you are communicating with a customer and they complement your service
  • Ask after you complete a job (they are at the height of their appreciation)
  • Ask through an email (this can be bulk email if you want)
  • Ask when you send a bill
  • Ask when you conclude a conversation on the phone

These are all very simple and obvious. The trick will be getting yourself and your staff trained into making these ‘asks’ a part of your routine. It must become routine, otherwise it will never get done. Don’t be dismayed if it takes you weeks of nudging your staff before they start asking automatically.

Step Two: Speed things up with a direct link to your Google Review Page

People don’t like to have to jump through hoops and figure stuff out. If it is confusing or there are too many steps, they will give up on leaving a review. Therefore, it is vital that when you request your review that you give specific and clear instructions, and make the process as easy as possible.

You need to give your customers a link to click. Don’t tell them to go look up your company on google and give instructions for where to click to leave the review. That is too much. Simply give them a link, that is all. They sign in to Google and then click the link and leave the review. Minimum friction, and you’ll get maximum results. Doing this ONE THING gives you a huge advantage and will enable you to increase your success rate when you ask customers for reviews.

Creating the link to your Google Review page

Every business on Google has a different link that will take you to your Google Review page. This is the link you will give to your customers. You must have a verified Google My Business account to create this link.

Here is how you find your link:

Step one:
Search on Google for your business

Step two:
Click on ‘Google Reviews’ link

Step three:
Click on ‘Write a Review’

Step four:
Select and copy the entire link at the top. This will be the link you give your customers.

What instructions do I give my customers?

Use very simple instructions like these when you email your customers. Don’t forget to put in the link for your Google Review page that is described above. Here are some simple instructions to give them:

  1. Sign into Google (Gmail account)
  2. Click on the link [insert YOUR link here]
  3. Leave your review

These are just the instructions, of course you will also want to write a brief introduction, saying hello how much you’d appreciate a review.

Now that you have your link and instructions, get out there and tell the world!

Step Three: Following up

For those who said they would do a review but did not end up doing one you must, must send an email nudge, with a link to your Google Review page. Send another follow up email one week later to those who still haven’t reviewed. The longer you wait the less likely they will be to actually write the review.