How To Promote Your Company On LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is one of the fastest-growing platforms that connects professionals in different professions and careers all around the world.

LinkedIn is a networking space you can use to get referrals for your businesses, grow your network, get leads and also hire skilled and talented workers for their businesses.

For companies who want to promote their businesses, drive sales and get leads; LinkedIn is just the right place for you to get the right attention and connections for your company.

Promoting your company and generating leads for potential sales on LinkedIn is different from other social media platforms, in the sense that it is targeted towards achieving a greater goal; providing value and creating meaningful relationships for the long term, and not just getting sales.

Here are some ideas on how to use Linkedin to promote your business:

Create a company’s page on LinkedIn
The first step towards achieving a successful marketing campaign on LinkedIn is to create and set up a top-notch LinkedIn profile for you and your company. This allows you to display your professionalism and seriousness to your potential clients and customers, and build a strong impression.  

In creating a LinkedIn company page, you need to have a LinkedIn profile yourself. This individual LinkedIn profile is what would help prospective clients and customers get attracted to you first and then to your company.

After creating a LinkedIn company page, link it to your profile so that you will be able to showcase yourself as the brain behind the company and its activities.

Optimize your profile
There are several things you need to do to optimize your profile:

  1. Have a professional photo taken
  2. Get a custom background banner made. If you can’t create one yourself, hire a contractor on Fiverr to make it for you
  3. Make your headline in this format: I help [your demographic] achieve [your demographic’s goal] by doing [whatever service you provide]
  4. Fill it up with content such as: awards, volunteer work, certifications, articles and video

The more substantial you can make your profile, the more real you will be to your visitors.

Search for leads
There are many techniques for getting leads. Here are three of them:

  1. Using Linkedin’s free version, search as specifically as you can for your demographic, and start sending connection requests to each one. Try not to do more than 50 a day, otherwise you might get flagged
  2. Using Linkedin’s premium version, search for your demographic and send them direct messages
  3. Using Linkedin’s free version, search for your demographic and don’t send a connection request, instead, just visit their page, and engage with their content; and hope they will then visit your profile and send a connection request, at which point you get in touch with them and ask them why they connected with you.

Whenever you connect with someone you should ALWAYS send a thank you message and NOT a sales message. Just start a conversation. Don’t go straight into selling.

Post high quality engaging content
Opening a company page is not for fancy; you have to keep your page alive with engaging posts and updates that will sell your company and help prospective clients have a keen understanding of why they should work with you.

Hence, you have to frequently post valuable and captivating content that can include graphics, images, and videos.

Be a groupie
In as much as LinkedIn is a “serious” space for professional engagements; it is also a social media platform that requires social interaction.

To push you, your company and your goods/services forward, you have to interact with other LinkedIn users, like, comment, share their posts, and start meaningful conversations.

And this you can achieve by joining existing groups, following hashtags, or start a group where you can reach out to people and make them acquainted with what you and your company does.

Encourage your employees to come on board
Having your employees on LinkedIn will also help give you a professional edge, as this will give your prospective clients the impression that you mean business.

LinkedIn is a space that will help promote your company well and help you make sales if you put in the required effort and build relationships. It is not the average social media platform, you need to understand the intricacies to know how best you can use it to your advantage.

What’s Next?
Don’t stop now. This is just the beginning.

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