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You Need Inbound-Links for Your Website

Search engines reward links before they reward even the greatest optimized content when they give your website a Page Rank. People click on links to visit your website, and Search Engines follow them to discover your site, and to learn where to list it in the search results. Inbound Links are what makes the Internet tick and every site needs them.

Without Inbound links to your site, the search engines will give little importance to your site, and people won’t be able to find it… and will probably never find it. The Search Engines consider relevant links to be very important, and carry more weight than links from websites unrelated to your own. And, if you can get a link from a relevant page that also contains your keywords in the link text, that’s even better!


One-way Links
One-way links are just from website X to website Y. Website Y doesn’t link to website X. Most links on the Internet probably fall into this category and they are the most desirable type of links. Search engines also consider one-way Inbound Links more important than reciprocal links or Outbound Links to other sites.

Reciprocal Links
Reciprocal links occur when you exchange links with another website, preferably one with a subject related to yours, or at least in the same industry that’s a reciprocal link. Find other reputable, high-traffic sites in your industry, even competitors and offer them an exchange of links.

Natural Links
Over time, people will discover and link to your site because they like it. These natural links are very valuable since they are essentially a vote in your favor.

Paid Links
It is possible to pay for a link in a web directory or on another site. Though it’s usually not necessary to buy links and search engines frown upon link buying and selling. If you do it, make sure to buy your link from a quality site that is highly relative to your site.

Internal Links
Internal links are to internal web pages on your own website. These types of links are completely within your control and can have a drastic effect, especially if you have plenty of original content.

Image Links
Search engines can’t read images. So, if you’re linking with an image, use “alt” tags and text to describe the web-page the image leads to.

Be careful not to add too many links of any kind, too fast. Tyr to generate 1-2 links every few weeks, so as not to look like you’re “stuffing” links, which is frowned upon by search engines.

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